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How to Do Financial Education for Children in Romania (2021)

What you will find in the article:

About financial education for children

Financial education for children - a subject that you have certainly seen everywhere in recent years. - On Facebook, in booksin games or even at TV. There must be a reason it's so discussed, right? 

In addition to the fact that banks use financial education as a method of loyalty of the new generations of customers, the subject itself is very important and current. Not just for young people working in certain selected fields or for those who want to get rich overnight, but also for absolute all children who have fulfilled already the age of three years. (Yes, about financial education for children must start at the age of 3) 

Deci, default, financial education is important and for hairtheir goals - regardless of age, social class or environment where Fr.oviiyour child needs financial education. And you. But when it comes to the child, you have a chance to start at the right time and avoid the mistakes you or your parents made.  

In this article we talk about financial education for children and we present you three effective methods to do this – financial education books, financial education games and financial education done with the help of worksheets. 

You have to understand that your child's financial education should be seen as a whole and therefore you should not limit yourself to just one of the methods presented. They go together and only then will they have the desired effect - a responsible child who will become a carefree adult. 

teanc de cărți și alte ustensile simbolizând educație financiară pentru copii

Why do children need financial education?

While poor people seek financial advice, rich people seek to educate themselves and their children. 

That's one of the main ideas in the book "Why A Students Work for C Students"  written by Robert Kiyosakand. 

In this case, the difference between temporary advice and sound financial education is clear - In the case of advice, people are always waiting to be told what to do with the money by someone elseandand. In parallel, rich people seek to be educated in order to understand how financial systems work and withI can learn to work with them and not against them. So, financial education for children helps them to become masters of their own finances. 

When it comes to financial education for children and financial education, in general, the situation in Romania is not very rosy. In 2016, according to a study by Standard & Poor's, just 22% from adults they had a financial culture Conformable to another study by Erste Group of this date, Romanians admit that they neither save nor know how to manage their money correctly and efficiently.   

These are some of the reasons why financial education is needed for children in Romania. Given the resources required and the results that this type of education can have, the situation is full of benefits. Let's see what books, games and worksheets you can use to get your child on the right track. 


I. Financial education books for children 


Books have, or should have, a huge role in the life of any child. Obviously, it's the same when it comes to financial education books for children.  

You are definitely well awarethe functions that reading has for your child. For example, the fact that it plays an important role in development to his imagination, vocabulary, concentration but also empathy. 

If the little one hasn't learned to read yet, no problem! You can read them or you can look at the pictures together. These activities are also beneficial for his imagination and curiosity or just to learn about sounds and language. 

Here we present you 10 financial education books for children.  

Fețiță citind educație financiară pentru copii

1. “Learn with Moneybunny” - Series of 3 financial education books for children 


Composed of 3 books (translated into Romanian, 4 in total), series “Learn with Moneybunny" has some cute bunnies and funny as protagonists, who teach children about finance.  The author of the series is Cinders McLeodauthor and illustrator, who, she says, lacked such an education in childhood. This, combined with the financial crisis of 2007, motivated her to make the series.  

books from the series are: 

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii - Învață cu Moneybunny

2. “Mărunțilă şi Bancnoțilă” - A notebook and a financial education book for children 

While the notebook coloring puts children's creativity to the test, the book teaches them about financial educationcomplicated in the form of a fairy tale. The protagonists are, as the title says, Mărunţilă and Bankle and they accompany your child, with the help of colorful illustrations. 

The books are recommended for children with ages 4 to 9 years and can be ordered both in physical format and also digital. 

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii - Mărunțilă și Bancnoțilă

3. “Financial Education. Money for children ”- Financial education book for children accompanied by a workbook 

Already in its third edition, the book “Financial Education. Money for children " was published in 2007, within the program “Money on the meaning of children ", started in 2007.  The author of the book is Ligia Georgescu Goloşoiu, a promoter of financial education for children, within APPE. 

The book, addressed children in grades III and IV, can be ordered by here. 

The latest edition of the financial education book for children has been improved according to the order number 5959 / 09.10.2012 of the Ministry of Education. 

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii

4. “My First Financial Education Book - Savings and Investments” - Financial Education Book for Children 


First published in Spanish, “My First Financial Education Book - Savings and Investments”, presents his story Nicole and Carol, two characters who will take your child on a journey. Here, learn about the story of money and how they appeared, about savings, investments, budgets or inflation. 

The author of the book is Maria Jesús Soto Barragan, financial assistant with educational experience. 

Coperta Cărți Educație Financiară Copii

5. “School of Well Grown Money” - Two volumes of financial education for children 


The two volumes of financial education for children, "Good Money School Grow up" teaches your child financial education with the help of several characters - Squirrels Richiestratagem and Michala, Owls Georgina and coils under winding and Hedgehog Bobiță. 

Into the first book, the child learns how to use money correctly, how to be modest and how to build your budget. 

Into the the second bookinto theVthread about entrepreneurship - how to open a business, how to run it, the price tag and the difference between services and products. 


If you want to read more about these financial education books for children, I wrote an article about it: 

10 Financial Education Books for Children (in Romanian) 

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii

II. Financial education video games for children 


Although other forms of financial education for children should not be neglected, financial education through play is probably the perfect way to learn about money and finance. 

Organizations such as LEGO Foundation or UNICEF have accomplished studies on this type of learning and the results are surprising. The LEGO Foundation says that learning through play develops in children, skillsuch as curosity, andinvolvement, celaboration, creactivity and gcritical thinking. 

Also, those from UNICEF studies and promotes, in turn, education through play.  

Financial education through play also enters the field of study of learning experiential. This is a form of learning through which children learn by reflecting on what they do. This helps them acquire the skills essential in adult life andand to learn to pursue your own goals and passions. 

Although some parents tend to avoid video games, they are best for learning through play dbecause it offers a complete experience, from all points of view. 

Next, we present to you four financial education video games for your child, which you can download right now. Two of them are in Romanian and the other two are in English. 

If you want to know more about financial education games for children, read the article I wrote about it. - 4 Financial Education Video Games For Your Child 

Băiat jucându-se pe tabletă reprezentând educația financiară pentru copii prin joc

1. Investory - Trouble on the Toy Planet 

Investory is a financial education game in Romania that, at the moment, has two missions available, full of financial education lessons for children and adventures.  

QIn the first mission, children learn basic financial concepts as well Verivet Recurent, tthe rock, tthe loan, andnvestiţiadthe goods and bsome and Services. All this while solving the mystery of the toy factory and doing other activityi. 

In the second missionthe story becomes more mysterious and, in search of the beaver Felix, the foreman from the Toy Factory, children learn about banchors, about ofManar chumiliation, eeconomies, byears cash and byears Virtuali. 

Investory enjoys fish 20.000 users and you can download it, right now, for both Android and iOS.  

Download Investory for Android  

Download Investory for iOS 

2. KIDS - A successful business 

Kids - A successful business is another Romanian financial education game. It was launched by APPETara Interactive and Alpha Bank, in 2018, being later approved by the Ministry of National Education. 

He addresses himself children aged 7 to 10 years and combine financial education lessons with those of entrepreneurship, with the help of questionnaires and problem solving. Among the financial concepts encountered in the game are esurnamesauthoritiesgestionarshe expenditures and goal setting. 

You can download the game only on iOS, de here. 

3. Thrive ‘n’ shine


Made by Mindblown Labs, Thrive 'N' Shin is a game in which children learn about financial education and management. He addresses himself in particular, students from general school and high school. 

In the game, cher little ones they build avatars, work to earn money and are put in situations where they have to make financial decisions. Thus, they can also make mistakes from which they can only learn. During the game, learn about bugete, eeconomies or mdebt management. 

You can download Thrive 'N' Shin both for Android as well as for iOS. 

4. VISA Financial Football 


Visa Financial Footballis a collaboration between VISA and the NFL (American National Football League)). A financial education game for children, more precisely, in which the little ones use their knowledge to win football matches. To get points during the match, children answer different questions about money and finances. 

Available in both English and Spanish, the game can be downloaded for both Android as well as for iOS. 

III. Financial education worksheets for children 


Worksheets are another effective tool in financial education for children. In addition to being easy to make, easy to distribute and easy to use by children, worksheets have other benefits. I listed a few in the article I wrote about financial education worksheets for childrenRead more here - 3 Free Financial Education Worksheets for Children. 

We will introduce you below three basic financial concepts and a worksheet for the child to implement the lessons. 

 1. Money worksheet 

Before you start anything elsefinancial education lesson, your kid he needs to know the money. Need to know what is money, what is it used for and how may be doe get them.  

In short, you need to knowit's like byears are a means of exchange, with which you can pay for products or services and they are also used as a unit of measure for value. With the help of the worksheet, you will familiarize your child with the types of Romanian money.  

Little ones also learn that money is earned by providing services or selling goods. To understand these things, you need to talk to him about the purchases you make, about your job. and about certain financial decisions on which you can take together. 

We talked more about money in the article 3 Things About Money. 

2. The difference between needs and desires 

The difference between needs and desires it is an essential lesson for any little one. He must understand this difference, not to buy impulsively and to know how to prioritize shopping and investing, when he will be an adult. 

Needs are the essentials of survival - the food he eats, the house he lives in, the electricity he uses. On the other hand, desires are not essential to survival. Some examples would be sweets, holidays or even toys.  

This difference is relative, and may differ depending on the material situation of the family or certain cultural factors. 

If you want to know more about the difference between needs and good luck, I wrote an article just about this: Needs and Desires. 

3. The difference between goods and services 

The third financial lesson that can be had learned with the help of worksheets is the difference between goods and services.  

Basically, goods are those physical things that can be touched and used and services are activities that someone does for someone else, for different purposes - money or other goods or services, in return.  

However, this difference is no longer so clear with the advent of digital products. So make sure you insist on this when talking to your child.  

If you want to know more about the difference between goods and services, read the article I wrote about it: Goods and Services 



Before concluding, we want to emphasize one thing again.  

In this article, you will find a lot of resources for the financial education of your child - 10 books, 4 video games and 3 worksheets. In addition, there are blogs, newslettersboardgames, TV shows, radio and cartoons yearsmate.  

First, tyou need to consider them as a whole and use them together for maximum results. They are built differently and work differently thinking and the skills your child. 

Secondly and most importantly, before all these methods of financial education, there must be a desire to learn. A wish or, in many cases, a reason. There must be a moment in cop lifeyour self, in which he realizes on his own that he needs education. Whether it is a mistake or a major gain, the initiative must be his. If the desire exists, the rest is extremely simple. So, help your child find a sincere reason to learn financial education. Believe us, then, the future can only be good.  

And don't forget, if you want to use the most complete financial education experience for your child, free download Investory - the Romanian financial education game that has been downloaded, so far, by over 20,000 responsible parents.

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