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Investory is the game that prepares your child for a carefree future.


Why Investory?

Here's a little exercise: Imagine a future in which your child will have no debts. One in which you know exactly what interest and loans are. Maybe even a future in which he will be a successful entrepreneur. A future in which money will not stand in the way of dreams but will build them, and in which money will work for him, multiplying, with his head, with each passing day. 

Imagine this, in Romania, in the country on the last place in the European Union. The country in which only 22% of adults report having a financial culture.  


How does Investory help your child?

In Romania there are some solutions and materials that can teach your child about money. Unfortunately, none of them do it on his tongue. Most resources are either outdated or talking to children 50 years ago and not to a modern child like your little one. 

Investory is the first solution that combines the classic lessons of financial education with modern technology and the method of learning through play.  By the age of 13, your child is a little scientist. The method of learning through play helps him to build a plan and follow it, to experiment and learn from mistakes and to think rationally and critically. 


But we have to admit: Investory hasn't been like that since the beginning. 


How did Investory come about? 

Like any proactive team, we started with a problem: the lack of financial education among children in Romania. In particular, the lack of a molded solution for the child of the 21st century. 

To find the right solution, I talked to parents across the country: I got over it 250 questionnaire replies, I kept over 50 hours of interviews and we consulted with 9 specialists from various fields

During the development of the Investory game, I always kept in touch with parents and children. We wanted to make sure that our solution was to solve their problems. As proof, while testing the game I received different opinions from children. The little ones said things like: "I can't wait to download the game from my phone as well." "I give it a grade of 10". "I want another mission." "I learned about recurring income and allowance."

After several improvements, the first module of the game was released Investory: Trouble on the Toy Planet.  

In addition to the game itself, we constantly offer help, tips, resources and materials for a financial education for children in Romania.  

You can read the articles we post on the blog, You can download the eBooks we offer for free or you can subscribe to our newsletter list, which we send weekly.

Until now, over 50.000 parents from seven different countries chose the learning-through-play method for their children.

If you want to join, Download the free Investory game for Android or iOS and take the first step towards your child's financial responsibility.