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Goods and Services

What you will find in this article:

The difference between Goods and Services it is an essential concept in financial education for children, andar astay it is valid today much more than in previous years. 

Before, it was simple - the products were the ones he "can hold in his hand." But now that many of the products are digital, how do you explain them differentlyNTA? Read on to find out more about the difference between goods and services. 

If you want to put the lessons in this article into practice, download the free worksheet now. 


Why do children need to know the difference between goods and services? 

Children need financial education, in general. Before we talk about the difference between goods and services, we need to clarify what it is education financial aid for children or, rather, what is not: 

  • Financial education for children it's not just about money 
  • Financial education it does not teach children how to make money 
  • Financial education for children it does not teach them how to be rich 
  • Financial education for children it is not independent of the rest of their education. 

Instead, financial education for children: 

  •  He teaches them cum financial systems work 
  • It helps them not to work for money, but to make money work for them 
  • It helps them become responsible and make calculated and rational decisions about the expenses they make. 
Fetiță în fața unui calculator - Bunuri și Servicii

Therefore, many of the financial education lessons are not of the type - How to, but are, rather, some concepts that children need to understand from an early age. One of these concepts is the difference between goods and services. If you want to teach your child this difference, and practice using itd a worksheet, download the worksheet for free.


The difference between goods and services 

Goods and services are, in the world of financial education, two basic concepts. They can help your child understand both the value of money and the ways in which he can make money. 

A good start is to explain to your child that both goods and services satisfy needs and desires of people and that they did notthey seem so, simply, but untiring effort and resources, which are often finite - natural, human and capital resources, ie money. If you want to learn how to explain money to your child, read more here - 3 Things About Money.

What are Goods? 

Goods are objects, most of the time, that your child can hold in his hand or touchBefore this was a rule but now there are digital products. This will make it harder, but if you insist enough with repeated examples, you will understand the difference between goods and services. 

Also, give him some examples of goods that you buy regularly as well food, clothes or toys. 

If you want to make sure he understands this difference, download for free the book that also contains a worksheet which you can complete together as an exercise. 

oameni la cumpărături - bunuri și servicii - educație financiară școală primară

What are Services? 

Services are actions that one person can do for another person and for which they are paid, Most often. If the difference between physical goods and services is easy to understand, the same cannot be said about the difference between digital products and services. But if you give him examples repeatedly, he will understand. Some Common examples of services are haircut, medical check-up, post office or various repairs around the house and not only. 

The most recommended way to help your child understand the difference between Goods and Services is practice and repetition.. You need to involve him in various activities, such as shopping and asking for his opinion and to you regularly ask his opinion -  

“Are we going to buy bread? Is bread a good or a service? ” 

"Do I have to pay the water bill - is the water we receive a good or a service?" 

Also, the best way for him to repeat this difference is to fill in a worksheet.  Download now, for free, the worksheet that will help your child learn about the difference between Goods and Services, in the most efficient way. 

If you want help with your child's financial education lessons, download the game Investory: Trouble on the toy planet for Android or for iOS and join the more than 20,000 responsible parents in Romania.

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