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4 Financial Education Video Games For Your Child (Romanian And English)

What you will find in the article:

Why does your child need financial education? 


And what he needs, especially financial education through play, are you wondering?

Not to make the mistakes we made. Simple. 

Or, to learn to adapt in such changing times, which evolves from day to day. Or from one hour to the next, as we all see. 

Financial education is what prepares children for a carefree future. It is not about quick enrichment techniques or just about investments and loans. Financial education helps children understand the mechanisms behind financial systems to îlearn how to work with them and not against them. 

Financial education is the weapon against the ignorance they have shown, unfortunately, the last generations, compared to money. 

Financial education in children must be done as a whole, not just like some lessons from a book or some optional ones, at school. It must have a real motivation and a constant process behind it. 

Educația financiară prin joc - fetita stand pe canapea, citind o carte

How it helps him financial education through play your child? 

Learning through play it is, in our opinion, an ideal practice for the development of any child. You literally combine the useful with the pleasant! Which child doesn't like to play? 

Fortunately, studies also support this idea - learning through play is one of the most effective ways for children to learn.  So imagine how effective financial education is through play!

LEGO Foundation, a subsidiary of LEGO Group is one of the key institutions when it comes to learning through play. They built a goal out of research and promote the benefits of play learningIn addition, they use the classic LEGO pieces for other types of learning and even creative problem solving, in workshops organized with large companies. 

On the first page of their site, you can see some of the skills the basics that children's play development develops: 

  • curiosity 
  • involvement 
  • collaboration 
  • creativity 
  • Critical thinking 

These, in addition to being qualities that everyone should have, are also among the the soft skills needed for success in the workplace in the 21st century.

copii care se bucura in timp ce joaca jocuri - Educația financiară prin joc

UNICEF is another organization that emphasizes the benefits of learning through play, especially for children up to 8 years. In a study conducted in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, they argue that: 

  • Up to 2 years, learning through play can contribute to the positive development of appearance social-emotional, of children.  
  • Between 3 and 5 years, learning through play helps children to explore and understand the world around them, as well as develop their creativity and imagination. At this age, it is best to start financial education through play.
  • Between 6 and 8 years old, learning through play is essential because it can motivate children to enjoy learning, in the years to come. Most of the time, during this period, learning takes on an academic form, which takes children away from thatstand. 

You can also learn more about the benefits video games and on the site, developed by RGDA (Romanian Game Developers Association). 

copii care se joaca pe podea - Educația financiară prin joc

4 games from which your child can learn about money 


Now that we've looked at the benefits of learning through play and, implicitly, a financial education through play let's see some more concrete examples of games through which your child can learn financial education.  To avoid confuzions, in this article we talk about video games, mobile or computer, not board games, card games or role-playing games. 

Financial education can benefit greatly from addressing such learning. If finances are seen as a fixed, complex and intimidating science (even by adults) play can turn it into something enjoyable., accessible and fun. Do not understand that financial education should be done only through play. We recommend you try a combination of learning materials and types, as well wareebook-hatebook or worksheets 


Do you want to do financial education through play in Romanian? 


1. Investory - Trouble on the Toy Planet 

Currently in the game Investory are available two missions. Everyone has their own story, their own adventures and, of course, the appropriate financial lessons. If In the first mission, the child learns basic financial concepts, in the second, things become more serious. 

Launched in June 2019, Investory She's carrying your baby in a story on the planet C-001. There, He is learning about financial concepts like: 

  • Recurring Income,  
  • barter,  
  • Împrumutuit 
  • Investing,  
  • interest,  
  • Goodsand services 
  • The bank account 
  • Postponement of purchase 
  • economies 
  • Cash and virtual money 
screenshot din Investory - Educația financiară prin joc
source: Investory

The game Investory was developed based on educational needs of children aged 6 to 12 years. Therefore, in order to assimilate the financial concepts, he meets with characters Interesting like Hippo Max dthe executive, the Grandfather, the Lord Ştabian, Beaver Felix or Zoe, his loyal truck. 

Dit's also within the game, children solve mysteries and puzzles, such as theft from a toy factory, or the disappearance of Felix, but also regular activities, like shopping, gardening, selling refreshing juices or ordering online. 

You can learn more about the game Investory, from the interview that Valentin Filip, one of the founders, gave to those from Ziarul Financiar 

 Momentary, Investory enjoys over 20,000 users in several countries (There is also an English version) and you can download it right now 

Unload Investory for Android 

Unload Investory for iOS 

2. KIDS - A successful business  

KIDS - a successful business is also a Romanian financial education game, in the form of educational software, launched in 2018 by APPE (Association for the Promotion of Performance in Education) in partnership with Alpha Bank and Tara Interactive. The game was approved by the Ministry of National Education. 

The application is developed for children aged 7 to 10 years and it combines financial lessons with questionnaires and solving various problems.. In the game, children can learn about both finance and entrepreneurship. 

Some of the concepts that children can learn in the KIDS game are: 

  • save 
  • administrator the expenditures 
  • Setting goals 

The game is only available for iOShere. 

Do you want to do financial education through play in English? 


3. Thrive ‘n’ shine 


Thrive 'N' Shin is a game of management and financial education, developed for children in general school and high school, by MindBlown Labs. 

Here, children create their own avatar, go to work to earn money and are put in situations where they have to make financial decisions, to learn about: 

  • Bugete 
  • Economy  
  • Mdebt management 

Due to the way it is built, children can make financial mistakes, get into debt and lose money, just to learn from them.  

Unlike other financial education games, Thrive 'N' Shin provides teachers with a Dashboard online, where they can track student progress, in their financial education. There is also a curriculum that can be downloaded to deepen the new lessons. 

The game Thrive 'N' Shin is available for both Android as well as for iOS. 

4. VISA Financial Football 

VISA Financial Football is a financial education game, developed by VISA, the multinational company that offers miscellaneous financial services in partnership with the NFL, America's National Football Leaguen. 

Unlike the action in other financial education games, Visa Financial Football it's a little different. If in other games, children make characters they work with and do regular activities, in Financial Gootball, children advance in the game only if they have the necessary knowledge. 

How does this work? 

The child plays with a football team and, during the match, points are obtained on buse of financial knowledge and not a skillwith the ball. There are questionnaires and for each correct answer, the team receives points and advances. As well, for wrong answers, you may lose advantage or even in betweeng the match. 

The game is part of the program Practical Money Skills for Life, started by VISA in 1995 and is available in two languages - English and Spanish. 

Visa Financial Football can be downloaded for both Android as well as for iOS 


There are a lot of effective methods for children's financial education - games, books, articles, ebook, worksheets and even practical activities. The idea is to combine them, so that your child learns with pleasure.  

For financial education through play, you have several options, both in Romanian and in English. We have selected for you the best options: 

In Romanian:  

Investory - Android and iOS 


In English: 

Thrive 'N' Shin – AndroidiOS 

Visa Financial Football – AndroidiOS 

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