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3 Free Financial Education Worksheets for Children

What you will find in the article:

Financial Education For Children - Why? 

In this article we offer you 3 financial education worksheets for children. Why?

Financial education for children is becoming an increasingly common practice today, and the reasons are understandable.

If you could to ensure your child a carefree future, would you do it? Syou know it's possible. And you will find the first steps towards this in this article. 

In addition to parental love, one's own mistakes are one of the reasons parents turn to financial educationcomplicated for children, by different methods - book, worksheets or Games Learning from their past, they push children to an education they did not have. And this is necessary, especially in Romania, the country where people neither save nor they know how to manage their income, right of this study. 

Pușculiță roz pe fundal alb - Educație Financiară Pentru Copii Fișe de Lucru

The benefits of worksheets in financial education for children 


Besides the fact that they are easy to use, easy to make and easy to distributeworksheets I also put the child's mind to the job, in an efficient way. So, the concepts of financial education studied from the worksheets they will be more easily retained.  

For example, those of a Kumon Global, listed in this article 10 benefits for the study using worksheets, including: 

  1.  Learning with worksheets it may be do without the little ones being supervised, the indications and examples on the sheets being susufficiency. So, financial education for children done with worksheets offers them to the little ones feeling of authority and independence in the learning process. 
  1. Some studies show that it resultedOne's academic goals are influenced by how early and how that person was introduced to the methods of education. Because worksheets are a perfect way to educate young children, their use at an early age will also influence later success. 
  1. Worksheets leave the child to learn at his own pace, giving him freedom and thus making him appreciate more the methods of education.  

Read on and find out what they are the three free worksheets that you can download at the button below.  

Worksheet #1 - 3 things about money 


With what other concepts to start financial education for children, through worksheets, with money? In order for your little one to understand well what money is, we have prepared a worksheet with three exercises to understand: 

  •  What is money? 
  •  What is the money for? 
  • How do you get money? 

Before moving on to the worksheets, it is recommended that you explain the concepts a bit. So, the worksheets will be the practical part, the implementation of the lessons learned. 

monede într-un borcan - Educație Financiară Pentru Copii Fișe de Lucru

What is money? - Money is a means of exchange, used to pay for products, services or just as a unit of value. Try to familiarize your child with the types of Romanian coins and banknotes.  

What is the money for? – Most of the time, the money is given in exchange for receiving goods or services, depending on voftheir glory. To understand this, in addition to the worksheet, we recommend that you get involved kid and in a few financial decisions, no matter how small. Ask him for his opinion on certain purchases and needs that your family has. 

How do you get money? - Money is earned by providing services or by selling goods, depending on their value. Explain how the things you buy from the store are made by someone and that when you buy, you pay for the back work. Or, if it's handy, talk about your job as a familiar example. 

We talked more about these questions in this article – 3 things about money 

Download the free worksheet about money, along with the oneltThere are two in the article. 

Worksheet #2 - The difference between needs and desires 


Other two basic concepts in financial education for children, which you can practice with worksheets, are needs and desires. When your child understands the difference between needs and desires, he knows how to use money in a rational, modest way, without falling prey temptations and impulses. 

Read on to find out what each concept entails.

bărbat uitându-se la o vitrină - Educație Financiară Pentru Copii Fișe de Lucru

What are the needs? - The needs are essential things for survival. For example: the house you live in, the food you eat, utilities such as water, gas and electricity.  

What are desires ? - Wishes are things that are NOT essential to survival but what you need for a decent living. Wishes can be toys, sweets or entertainment of any kind. 

Careful! The difference between needs and desires is relative, because it depends on certain factors such as the material situation or cultural differences. Clothes can be both a necessity and a desire, when they are bought for reasons related to fashion or status. 

We talked at length about the difference between needs and desires in this here - Needs and Desires 

Download the worksheet about needs and desires for free, along with what theYalta two from the article. 

Worksheet #3 - The difference between goods and services 


Goods and services are the latest concepts of financial education for children that can be practiced with the help worksheets. It is very important, especially today, for a child to know this difference. That's because digital products can be confusingyou very easily with the services. 

imagine cu blugi, reprezentând conceptul de bunuri - Educație Financiară Pentru Copii Fișe de Lucru

What are goods? – In most cases, the goods are physical things that your child can hold and use. In the case of digital products, they can be used with a PC, smartphone or others gagdeturi. Toys or clothes are examples of common goods. 

What are services? - The services are activities that someone can do for someone else or the time it can offer, for different purposes.  Examples of services may be those provided by the post office, fire, police or utilities such as water or electricity. 

You can learn more about the difference between goods and services, here: Goods and Services. 

 Implement the lessons in the article right now with three free worksheets. 

If you want, in addition to reading, to introduce a practical and interactive dimension in your child's financial education, try a game. Download now Investory, the financial education game and join the over 20s.000 parents who have adopted the method of learning through play. 

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