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10 Financial Education Books for Children (in Romanian)

What you will find in this article:

Why is Financial Education for Children Important?


If you're here, you know how much is important financial education for your child. Or at least he knows a few things about money. Now that you didn't have it, like most of your generation, it's something else. You did well, you did your best, but it was still hard. 

Fortunately, you can makes it easy for the baby your. You just have to start financial education from an early age.

Fortunately, there is a MUitTIME methods and activities that can help your child assimilate information effectively - Games, books or worksheetsbooks, as you will see, they are still a basic method in financial education. 

Read on if you want to know who they are the best 10 financial education books for children, in Romanian. 

1. “Learn with Moneybunny” series - 3 financial education books for children 

The series “Learn with Moneybunny" is a series of 4 books (only 3 translated into Romanian, currently) for the children. books they have as protagonists Moneybunnies, some cute and funny bunnies that teach your child financial concepts. The author says she wanted to teach children about the "idea of money" and that's why she used carrots as a currency.  

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii - Învață cu Moneybunny

 The three book of financial education for children, translated into Romanian at editura Nemira, are: 

  • Learn to win - where the Bunny Bun, who wants to get rich overnight, he actually learns how to make money.  
  • Learn to spend - where the bunny Sonny, who wants to buy anything, he learns that he has to make choices. 
  • Learn to save - where the bunny Honey the learns to create a budget and achieve his dreams by putting money aside. 

In September 2020, it also appeared edition on donations and donation - “Give it! ", which has not yet been translated into Romanian.  

The author of the series, Cinders McLeod, is an illustrator and author, creator of other comic book series as well Broome Law. series Moneybunnies it is, she said, written fromtr-own motivation - lack an efficient and correct financial education at the age of her childhood, combined with the time of the financial crisis of 2007, 2008. 

2. Mărunțilă and Bancnoțilă - Financial education book and coloring book for children 


Mărunţilă and Bancnoţilă It is a story of financial education for children, presented in the form of a fairy taleRoxana Bucur, author of the book and financial specialist, Sposes for the Financial Market that: 

“First of all, I chose a financial education book for children, because children learn through play and imitation. Play and storytelling are the most enjoyable activities for the child. From a psychological perspective, the child identifies with one of the characters (the one he liked the most) and imitates his behavior, learns and develops habits, qualities of the character. "

Roxana Bucur
Cărți Educație Financiară Copii - Mărunțilă și Bancnoțilă

Financial education books for children Mărunţilă and Bancnoţilă are designed for children between 4 and 9 years old, however, having financial rules and teachings from which adults can also benefit.  

You can buy the book and the coloring book Mărunţilă and Bancnoţilă, both in physical format and also eBook and ePub format. 


3. Financial Education. Money for children - Workbook and financial education book for children 


book "Financial Education. The money for children to understand" was developed as a textbook. Published under the project wing "Money for children", started in 2007, the book is in its 3rd edition. The editions have been improved based on the suggestions of students and teacherand the latest edition has been amended in accordance with prevedirele school curriculum, approved by order no 5959 / 09.10.2012 of the Minister of Education.  

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii

The author of the books, Ligia Georgescu Goloşoiu is a long-time promoter of financial education, especially for children. You can learn more about her and her work on website of the Association for the Promotion of Performance in Education project . 

The materials are addressed to children in the third and fourth gradesYou can order both the manual “Financial Education. Money for children " and also the notebook for students. 


4. My First Financial Education Book - Savings and Investments  


The book "My First Book of Financial Education - Savings and Investments" is translated after the book "My  first book of economicssaving and investmentS" written by María Jesús Soto Barragán and illustrated by Manel & Marc. The book first appeared in Spanish. 

Coperta Cărți Educație Financiară Copii

book of financial education for children presents his story Nicole and Carol, two characters who will take your child with them on a journey. Following the trip, your child will learn about how the first money came about savings, investments, budgets but also about concepts such as inflation. 

The author, Maria Jesús Soto Barragan she has a rich experience as a financial assistant, over 18 years of educational experience and she also has a foundation that bears her name, meant to share financial knowledge with the general public.  


5. The School of Well-Grown Money - Two volumes 

The School of Well-Grown Money is a financial education book for children, in two volumes.  

In the two volumes, your child will learn from some characters to his liking - CHIPMUNKS stratagemRichie and Michala, the hedgehog Bobiță and the Owls coils under winding and Georgina. Into the the first volume he will learn how to behave with money, how to make a personal budget and how to be thoughtful. Into the the second volume will learn about business - how to openone and take it further, the difference between product and service and what the price tag means. 

Cărți Educație Financiară Copii

Cristina Andone, the author of the two volumes is a former publicist writer, activist EDUCATION and creativity trainer. In addition to the volumes on financial education, she has written a number of children's books - Stories from the Music Forest. 

If you want, in addition to reading, to introduce a practical and interactive dimension in your child's financial education, try a game. Download now Investory, the financial education game and join the over 20,000 by parents who have adopted the method of learning through play. 

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