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Financial education plays a key role in our lives, but few children have the opportunity to learn from an early age what the role of money is. That's why Investory comes to the aid of parents with a solution based on learning through play.

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Talking about money is not easy at all, it must be done tactfully, using age-appropriate language.

Thus, children will learn that money does not grow in trees and that it is necessary to form healthy financial habits.

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The structure of the game

Mission 1

Mission 1 presents the beginning of the story, after the main character's family moves to Planet C-001. In this mission, your child will do different activities - will solve mysteries, quizzes, activities in everyday life and will interact with cool characters from which he will learn basic financial concepts.



Your child will find the thief of the toy factory plans, solve puzzles and quizzes and go gardening or shopping.



The characters in the first mission are: Grandpa, Biscuit, Max the detective hippopotamus, Martha, the police bear, Aristide, Kenny and Mr. Ştabian.

Financial lessons

Concepte financiare

The financial concepts in the first volume are: Recurring income, goods and services, purchases, investments, interest and barter.

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Mission 2

In the second mission, the story becomes more intense. The child gets a summer job, solving mysteries at the toy factory. This time, he has to find Felix. Because this is not easy, the road will be full of adventures, barriers and lessons learned.


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In search of Felix, the child will build a lemonade stand, shop online and go to the bank.


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The characters in the second mission are: Joey, the waiter, Felix, the factory foreman, Zoe, his hopeful truck, Victoria and Veronica.

Financial lessons

lectii locked 2@2x

In the second mission of the game, your child will learn about banks, cash and virtual money, savings, utility and deferring the reward.

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If you and your child like this form of learning, you will have even more financial lessons and adventures, in mission 2, which you can buy from the game.

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Every parent wants the best for their child. Allow her to enjoy her childhood and give her the right financial education from an early age.
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Experts say that those who learn from an early age to manage their money will become financially independent in adulthood, and the most effective method of learning is through play.